The Perfect Snack!

Like all things in the health space, there’s plenty of misleading information out there, some people frown upon snacking. BUT I’m all about the snacks.

Healthy Trail Mix

Are snacks allowed?

Heck Yes!

Eating smaller, more frequent meals allows you to spread the calories out over the day, helps to stabilise your appetite, boost your nutrient intake and keep your cravings in check.  

The secret of a perfect snack is to ensure it isn’t just a hit of empty calories. When choosing what to snack on,  thinking about the nutrients you need or haven’t eaten during the day is key.

I always try to pair protein and fibre together, as they both take longer to break down and digest, so will keep you feeling fuller for longer, tying you over to the next meal.  

What makes nuts the perfect snack?

Nuts are the perfect snack, whether you choose to eat them solo or paired up.

Nuts contain heart-healthy fats, fibre and are high in protein. This trio of nutrients helps to stablise appetite and keep you feeling fuller for longer between meals.

Research has also found that eating a small handful of nuts (30 grams) each day can assist with weight management.

How much to scoop up?

There is a considerable amount of evidence suggesting that consuming a small handful of nuts (30g) a day will decrease your risk of heart disease and diabetes, you’ll also be more likely to weigh less and live longer. WIN!

A small handful of nuts is equal to 1/3 of a cup OR if counting is more your thing, I’ve counted them out for you too!

1/3 Cup
  • Almonds (20)

  • Brazil Nuts (10)

  • Cashews (15)

  • Chestnuts (4)

  • Hazelnuts (20)

  • Pecans (15)

  • Pine Nuts (2 Tablespoons)

  • Pistachios (30 out of shell)

  • Walnuts (9 Halves)

Pairing them perfectly.

Below are some of my suggested snack combos;

  • Macadamias

Roast some macadamias up and toss them through air popped popcorn and cranberries. The combo of different textures makes a great trio.

  • Almonds

I’m a big fan of almonds and dried apricots. It’s a super simple pairing and most supermarkets sell these together in little snack boxes – perfect for a snack on the run!

  • Cashews

Cashews are creamy in nature and go great either sweet or savoury. Adding a handful of cashews to any salad is a great way to get your daily serve of nuts in.

  • Pine Nuts

Pine Nuts lend themselves perfectly to savoury snacks. Have you tried my Avocado & Pine Nut Pesto yet? It’s well worth a try.

  • Hazelnuts

Without a doubt, hazelnuts go best with chocolate. Click here for my Chocolate & Hazelnut Bliss Balls, YUM.

Interested in incorporating more nuts into your diet?

Yeah you are! Most Australian’s aren’t reaching their recommended 30g serve a day, in fact it’s more like 6-7g of nuts a day!

Join me in the #nuts30days30ways challenge – it’s as easy as eating a handful of nuts each day in September and hopefully it will become a healthy habit that sticks around a lot longer.

Don’t forget to share your nutty snacks on social media to keep us all inspired and use the tag #nuts30days30ways to win great prizes. For more details check out the Nuts For Life Instagram page.