Our Corporate Wellness sessions will help transform your team, physically and emotionally through evidence-based education, creative food demonstrations and simple strategies they can apply on a daily basis. Ensuring your employees understand the foundations of a healthy diet and are equipped with the knowledge, practical strategies and access to proper nutrition in the workplace will help encourage work productivity, physical and mental wellbeing.

Whether you choose one individual workshop, or bundle components together, I guarantee you will see positive dietary changes in your team which improve their mindset, energy and focus in the workplace.

Nutrition Workshops

We are experts at creating engaging and educational nutrition seminars to motivate your employees to achieve optimal wellbeing. All sessions are practical and interactive, ensuring your employees are empowered to make small, practical changes that offer big benefits. You can choose from our list of sample topics below or request a customised presentation to meet your specific needs. 

  • Healthy & Wholesome Everyday

  • Maximise Your Mental Performance

  • Mood & Food - What’s The Link?

  • Diet Myths Fact vs. Fiction

  • Gut Health 101

  • HOW TO: Healthy Eating on a Budget

Lunch & Learn

In this is a hands-on session with a dietitian, your team will be taken on an interactive which covers the five food groups, portion sizes and how to build a meal that’s nutrition dense and delicious. Participants will walk away with a variety of practical tips and tricks, resources and with their own meal to then enjoy with their colleagues.

This program can be ran at Lunchtime, Breakfast or adjusted to run Mid-Morning or Afternoon.

Individual Consults

For a more individualised approach, employees can enjoy a private nutrition consultation with an Accredited Practising Dietitian. Our consultations encourage long term healthy eating habits through simple and practical advice.

Available to purchase as Full Day or Half Day Packages for the workplace, sessions either 15 or 30 minute duration.