My Self Care Journey

Here is a reminder to take a little time out today to start a conversation that could really change and save lives.

I’ve never really shared by journey with an eating disorder here, it’s a battle I’ve fought (and won!) a few years ago. It doesn’t define who I am, so I’ve decided to keep it in the past, but days like today really remind me of the need to share and check in. To everyone who’s had my back through the tough days, thank you. And to that one particular person, I’ll be forever grateful for starting a conversation that changed my life.

When asked how I was, roughly eight years ago, I took a moment to process and internalise, coming to see that actually, I really wasn’t. I dropped my guard and had a real, raw conversation, I was told that it’s OK to NOT be okay. For a young teenager, living in a world of serious social media pressures, the pain of living the ‘perfect life’ and the longing to look a certain way, it was incredibly refreshing to know I didn’t need to be OK every single day.

It was by no means a smooth sailing journey, from there. Roughly five years of treatment was required to get me back to a healthy weight and mindset. But, if the question had never been asked, I might not have ever sought the help I needed.

And ironically, as time progressed, I found strength in cooking, my obsession and fear of food became an outlet and escape from all my stresses. I shifted from an infatuation with calories, kilojoules, fats and carbs to an appreciation of the flavours, the textures and the way that time in the kitchen made me feel. I slowly learnt to love food again and in time, share this love with others.

Anyone who knows me now knows of how I long for some me-time in the kitchen. It’s my favourite thing to do at the end of a weekend. I’ll pop on some tunes and put all of life on hold, just for an hour or two. My boyfriend knows to leave me be to do by thing, but is always miraculously around when a taste tester is required, funny that.

That’s why I’m so proud to support #selfcareseptember with Marley Spoon. Cooking and food is definitely one of my biggest passions, I mean heck – I became a dietitian so my full time job would be around food and helping others discover a love of cooking and healthy lifestyle.

Some of my favourite little self-care steps, along with cooking are;

- Taking off my make-up and re-freshing with some of my favourite skincare products.

- Grabbing a coffee by myself and tuning out.

- Sunbaking at my favourite place in Sydney, Cremorne Point.

- Getting a blow-dry for no real reason but relaxation.

- Trawling pinterest for homeware inspo and then shopping for said inspo.


Put yourself first, and book in some self-care for yourself everyday this September.